Deploy your website with Git

How to deploy websites to different environments with git

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Goal: deploy your website by running a simple command on your computer.

Before pushing changes to production you'd like to check that everything looks alright. Let's suppose that the staging server where you preview your changes is also hosted on the same production server. This works well with simple or static websites.


Remote git repository setup

Create an empty git repository

mkdir -p /var/www/
cd /var/www/
git init --bare

Add a script, called a hook, that'll be executed when there's incoming changes

cat > hooks/post-receive <<END

set -e


while read oldrev newrev refname
    branch=$(git rev-parse --symbolic --abbrev-ref $refname)


    rm -rf $BRANCH_TEMP_DIR
    mkdir -p $BRANCH_TEMP_DIR

    git --work-tree=$BRANCH_TEMP_DIR --git-dir=$BASE/repository.git checkout $branch -f

    # run your custom commands here

    rm -rf $BRANCH_DIR

Make sure it can be executed

chmod +x hooks/post-receive

Local setup

Let's suppose all your changes are on the master branch.

Add a new remote to your repository

git remote add server ssh://user@host/var/www/

So then just do

git push server master:staging

If everything looks alright

git push server master:production

Different servers

Your hook is very simple because you're probably going to use just one main branch e.g. master.

cat > hooks/post-receive <<END
set -e
cd $BASE
git --work-tree=$BASE/public --git-dir=$BASE/repository.git checkout master -f
# run your custom commands here

Add remotes for each server

git remote add production ssh://user@production-host/var/www/
git remote add staging ssh://user@staging-host/var/www/

To push changes to production

git push production

To push changes to staging

git push staging